December 4, 2021

Patriot International

Patriot International Insurance is an travel medical insurance for US citizens travelling outside the US.
Patriot International Medical insurance provides coverage for hospitalization, Intensive care, Surgery, Prescription as well as AD & D, Evacuation, Trip Interruption, Lost luggage, Repatriation and optional Leisure as well as Extreme Sports Rider for the adventurous travelers. Patriot Travel Insurance offers Patriot foreign travel medical insurance offers coverage to US citizens who travel outside the U.S. for pleasure, business or study and is available for up to 24 months.



  1. Deborah Gardner says

    I have two areas of feedback:

    1. Preventive coverage. As someone in public health, I’d beg you to include more preventive care. It saves your company more money in the long run if people aren’t avoiding preventive care because they’re not sure it will be covered or covered fully. It also leaves customers feeling better about your plan. Preventive care makes the travel experience better and means intervention before more expensive care is needed.

    2. Customer service. I had three different phone calls with staff from your company before I bought it. Two were really excellent (the first and third calls) and one was mediocre. The mediocre one didn’t seem intent on answering my questions and left me feeling like she didn’t want to bother helping me get information or I was bothering her by asking questions. The two really good ones really went out of their way to answer my questions, and the latter of those even helped me figure out a way to solve an insurance coverage problem I hadn’t been able to solve. So overall pretty good.

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