July 17, 2019

Popular Plans

Patriot Go Travel

Patriot Go Travel Medical Insurance® provides coverage for travelers outside their country of citizenship. U.S. citizens are covered outside the US and non us citizens are covered all over the world including the US except in the country of their citizenship. Coverage is available for a minimum of 10 days up to a maximum of two years.

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Inbound USA

Inbound USA Insurance is an injury and sickness medical benefits program for non US citizens visiting or immigrating to the US. It is an affordable solution for protecting foreign visitors from unforeseen medical expenses such as those related to doctor office visits, surgery, hospitalization, ICU and prescription drugs.


Atlas America

Atlas America Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for new injuries and illnesses to non-U.S. citizens while in the U.S. and outside their home country. It helps protect you from potential financial disaster by covering inpatient and outpatient medical expenses related to your treatment. This very popular plan also covers emergency medical evacuation.


Visitors Care

The Visitors care plan provides scheduled benefits coverage for non U.S. citizens travelling outside of their home country for a minimum of 5 days. Medical treatment related to new illnesses and injuries are covered by this affordable plan. It offers fixed benefits for hospitalization, surgery, ICU, prescription medication and doctor office visits.


Featured Plans

StudentSecure Smart Medical Insurance

StudentSecure Smart Medical Insurance is designed for students pursuing international education providing solid protection and trimming out extras thus making it a economy-concious choice. The plan includes coverage for Medical Expenses, Emergency Medical Evacuation, and Emergency Reunion. [Read More...]

Travel Insurance Select

Select Basic offers the minimum coverage against the pitfalls of travel.With lower limits, fewer extra features and an economical price,Select Basic is a good choice for the budget-minded traveler. Select Plus offers a quality coverage.Plus provides some of the same benefits and features as the Elite Option,but with lower limits of coverage and fewer features. Select Elite is one of the most complete Travel Insurance packages. [Read More...]