July 7, 2022

Atlas America

Atlas America Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for new injuries and illnesses to non-U.S. citizens while in the U.S. and outside their home country. It helps protect you from potential financial disaster by covering inpatient and outpatient medical expenses related to your treatment. This very popular plan also covers emergency medical evacuation.



  1. Atlas provides good benefits. We especially liked the acute on set of preexisting benefit and the 100% coverage after deductible if you go to a doctor in the network. The application process was straight forward. I also received the confirmation right away and was able to download and print the documents including the ID Cards. Customer Service answered all my questions as well. Good plan to purchase.

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  2. I purchased this plan for few months while I was visiting my children in the US. Unfortunately, I cut my finger quite badly in the kitchen; it was a bad cut and I had to get some help immediately.

    I sought help at Patient’s First Urgent Care Center and gave the office-lady my Atlas America insurance ID card. After a little bit of a wait a Doctor & Nurse took care of my cut finger. There were no stitches but the wound was secured with a bandage along with a tetanus shot.

    In about 3 weeks the insurance company had paid off the Patient’s First Urgent Card charges; and I was sent a bill for the deductible amount of $250 that I paid off. Fortunately, I did not have to use the insurance again.

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